Kitchen open daily until 10PM

Snacks & Starters 

Guacamole - $9.50
house made guacamole with tostadas

Green Salsa - $6.50
mild tomatillo salsa with tostadas

Taqueria Salsa - $6.50
spicy avocado salsa with tostadas

Queso Cheese - $7.50
served with tostadas

Smokey Chicken Antojitos - $9.50
braised chicken rolled in flour tortillas with cream cheese, chipotle cream, cheddar, fritos & green onion


Ahi Tuna - $10.00
wild caught ahi tuna, guacamole, pico de gallo, chipotle cream, cilantro & tajin, served on a corn tostada 

Shrimp Ceviche - $10.00 
citrus cooked shrimp, guacamole & salsa macha, served on a corn tortilla 


Smokey Chicken - $6.00
marinated & braised chicken with chipotle cream, cheddar, green onion & fritos

Tex Mex Chicken - $6.00
marinated & braised chicken with cheddar, sour cream, pico de gallo & green onion

Classic Carnitas - $6.00
braised & shredded pork with guacamole, topped with pico de gallo & cilantro

Taqueria Pork - $6.00 
braised & shredded pork with spicy avocado salsa, pickled shallot & cilantro

Impossiblé! - $6.00 
impossible ground with red hot sauce, aguacate, pickled cabbage & cilantro (vegan)

Impossiblé Dos! - $6.00
impossible ground with avocado mayo, chili lime chickpeas, pico de gallo & green onion

Queso Birria - $14.00
two braised beef tacos topped with chihuahua cheese, tomatillo salsa & green onion, served with tomato & beef broth consommè 


Cubano - $14.00
braised & shredded pork, ham, chihuahua cheese, mustard & pickled shallots

Chicken Verde - $14.00 
marinated & braised chicken, chihuahua cheese, avocado mayo, green onion & cilantro


Birria Beef - $15.00
braised beef topped with cheddar, pico de gallo, jalapeño, tostada & chipotle crema, served with tomato & beef consommé

Chipotle Chicken - $15.00
marinated & braised chicken, cheddar, guacamole, pico de gallo, tostada & cotija cream, served with queso cheese

Impossiblé! - $15.00 
substitute impossible plant-based ground in either crunchwrap option, served with aguacate dip

Menu subject to change. Ask a server for real time availability.